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In order to be able to make the move a reality, it will be important to know that I have a good chance of finding work in France. My husband does IT support and web development, working for himself. The hope is that he can continue to do websites for UK companies as he does now, while he builds up the business locally (wherever we move to). We’ll have to investigate taxes and the implications for benefits, but apparently the auto-entrepreneur system is relatively simple. Advice that I have read suggests that as long as you complete the paperwork as soon as you can, most people find they can navigate the system quite successfully.

But what about me? I don’t think I have any great hope of continuing to work in museums with my schoolgirl French, so what are the primary job opportunities for expats in France? It would be great if we were able to find our own small business to run (gites, cycle hire etc), but that is entirely dependent on how far the budget will stretch and I don’t think it is wise to rush into that kind of purchase. It might be better to suss out the area before buying or starting up any kind of self-run enterprise. Well there is blogging, and as you can see I’ve made a start on that front, but I don’t suppose my ramblings are going to generate a massive income. Still, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try and writing is something you can pretty much do anywhere. I would consider teaching. It would be fairly straightforward to complete a TEFL course. They have classes all over the country and although there is a cost involved I don’t think it is too extravagant. So I could possibly teach in a school, teach adult education classes or tutor university or high school students.

Another alternative would be to find something in the tourism industry. A tour guide perhaps – that is sort of loosely related to my current job, especially if I focus on heritage. I’m sure there are opportunities at campsites, hotels and possibly tourist attractions for English speakers to converse with non-French visitors. Also, it may be possible to find work in gites or hotels. However, many of these jobs are seasonal and aren’t going to support the family year round I’m sure it is easier to explore job opportunities once you are living somewhere, but you can’t make a move like this without a plan!

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We are thinking of moving to France – we being me and my husband, our two children, and my mother-in-law (and two dogs). The current plan is that we’ll spend the next year plotting and planning and if everything goes well we will make the move in the summer of 2015. I plan to document the whole process so that I can look back in three years’ time and marvel at how well it all panned out! If, however, it proves a fated endeavour then my comprehensive blog will no doubt be snapped up by some Hollywood director for untold millions – it’s pretty much a win-win situation, right? Well, I’ll keep you posted…

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